This Morning the NFL says it couldn’t get the tape that TMZ obtained from New Jersey State Police


I guess $10 billion in revenue doesn’t go as far as I thought it would.

Via Darren Rovell’s twitter this morning:

Not sure about how things work, but if TMZ can get a copy of the tape, the NFL can. There’s just no way in hell I believe that the NFL was hopeless in this situation. That they could only get the one tape. And if they didn’t ask for it or their lying and they’ve had it all along, I think it’s time to seriously look into what kind of cover up is going on. Because as Olbermann pointed out yesterday, there are a lot of big named, important people with hands that may be extremely dirty in this mess. Judges, NFL officials, Ravens officials and others may find themselves in a pretty ugly situation if it comes to light that people knew about this and simply looked the other way.

Bryant Gumble went on Today this morning and basically said as much.  As he says, at best the NFL has been willfully ignorant.  When it comes to domestic abuse or abuse of any kind, being ignorant is not going to cut it.  When you’re a $10 billion dollar organization whose boss makes $44 million per year, being ignorant SHOULD GET YOU FIRED.

This should get interesting…