David Ortiz Was Not Happy With MLB Network’s Comments About Him Getting A “Free Pass.”



Don’t fuck with this guy.  Got it?


Via Boston.com: Ortiz was then apparently irked when he saw coverage of the verbal sparring on MLB Network Monday afternoon. Ortiz told Bradford that the host of the show featuring the Lackey-Cruz-Showalter discussion said Ortiz had received a “free pass” regarding performance-enhancing drug use in the past.

Ortiz could not identify the host of the MLB Network program he was watching when the Lackey-Cruz-Showalter discussion came up. Former major league pitcher and MLB Network analyst Joe Magrane is reportedly the commentator that made the “free pass” comments about Ortiz.

“What pisses me off is the whole thing about, why does my name got to be mentioned in that?,” Ortiz said to Bradford. “What did I have to do with that? I saw on MLB the guys talking about it, and then they brought my name up, and one of the guys said that I got a free pass on that. It was the Lackey and Showalter thing, going back and forth. Showalter didn’t say anything about me.”

Ortiz continued to lash out about the “free pass” comment, saying he was an easy target and there was “no proof” against PED charges levied against him in 2003.

“I call it straight up bull@#&! ‘Cause let me tell you, you don’t get no free pass here, especially a guy like me,” Ortiz told Bradford. I don’t get no free pass. So that free pass bull@#&! that they want to talk about over there, they can shove it up their ass. [Bradford: “I’m taping.”] I don’t care. I don’t care. That’s reality. You don’t use the words that I get a free pass. You don’t get a free pass on this. MLB don’t play that bull@#&! MLB don’t play that… There’s a reason why I’ve been drug tested already like eight times and we’re not even at the break yet. Is that a free pass? There’s a reason why I’ve been tested like 40 times since they approved the policy, the drug policy. Is that a free pass? So, they can get that free pass and shove it up their [expletive]. They can put it on [the air] just like that.”

Shots fired, MLB Network, shots fired.  You do NOT fuck with David “Big Papi” Ortiz.   Love that he doesn’t give a shit at this point.  Who’s going to tell him what to do?  The guy is an institution in Boston, in the MLB and (this is hard for me to say) will retire as the greatest designated hitter of all time (respect to Edgar Martinez.)  If you want to talk about him, be prepared for him to light you up, no question about it.

Also, if history has taught us anything it’s that Papi doesn’t like it when you disagree with him.