DirectTV is going to launch a Fantasy Football channel as part of their NFL Sunday Ticket package and I couldn’t be happier


Via NBCSportsBetween the games being telecast on NBC, CBS and FOX, the Sunday Ticket package of out of market games and the Red Zone Channel, it would seem that football enthusiasts have everything they need when it comes to televised action on football Sundays.  DirecTV hopes that assessment is wrong. The satellite television provider will be adding a new channel to the Sunday Ticket package for this year.  USA Today reports that there will now be a “Fantasy Zone” channel devoted to bringing fantasy players all of the stats they need to keep tabs on their teams over the course of the day. Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones will host the proceedings, which will reportedly feature up to the minute game-to-game analysis, stats and on-screen tickers that offer projections and key player updates.”

Yup, shit just got real.  DirectTV already let you put some of your fantasy football players into their system so you could follow along and see how they were doing, but a channel devoted to this shit?  Are you serious?  How many TVs am I going to need in one room?  4? 5?  I mean the demand is going through the roof right now!  I can’t honestly expect to enjoy NFL football with just one TV in an room, right?

PS, DirectTV > Comcast.  Just not even a close race in my opinion.