Tim Howard Has Always Been This Good (Plus My Favorite TimHowardSaves images)


I’m happy the general population finally understands how good we’ve had it as US Soccer fans for the last 10-12 years.  Tim Howard didn’t just get good yesterday, the guy has been good his entire career.  Just look at the fact that he went to The English Premier League 2003 and hasn’t returned, unlike many of our other soccer stars.  This is a testament to what he does on the soccer field.  He’s good, he’s REALLY good.

Tuesday versus Belgium was probably a fitting way for Howard’s international career to end (if it really is over.)  Much like he’s done for the majority of his time in net for the USMNT, he stood on his head and kept his team in a game they had no business being in until finally it just became too much.  Hell, it took Belgium all of about 10 seconds to get their first legit opportunity on net.  Howard was there, and stayed there well after the 90 minutes had passed.  Belgium’s keeper barely broke a sweat and when we did have an opportunity to put it away, well, you know what happened.

Tim Howard will be missed.  Thankfully, the one thing US Soccer has been good at is goalies.  We’ve been  blessed with quality net minders even when our field players lag behind the rest of the world.  But I’ll miss Howard’s intensity, how he never let a player forget their role or forget who they were playing in front of.  Clint Dempsey may have worn the Captains band for the 2014 World Cup, but Howard is their voice, their leader and truly, their star.  Congrats on a stellar international career and I look forward to continuing to watch him play in the EPL.

Now onto the all of the Memes and images of Tim Howard saving the world and anything else he can get his hands on.

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