Jerry Remy Loses Tooth In The NESN Booth and Don Orsillo Can’t Keep It Together

Don Orsillo – “You know those summer teeth.  Some are there, some aren’t.”  – Comedic gold.

JerryRemyTooth  JerryRemyTooth1

Well, that’s live TV for you.  Between Orsillo uncontrollably giggling and yet still being able to get through the play by play and their non-stop back and forth banter, I felt like I could have been entertained for hours.  Good thing too, since this Sox team is tough to watch.

I imagine it’s not often that something other than baseball happens in those booths so when they get the opportunity to talk about something else, they don’t miss their chance.

Orisillo losing it is fantastic TV.  Guy cannot control his enjoyment of Jerry Remy’s tooth falling out of his head.