Kevin Love Coming To Boston to Play with Rondo Would Be Fun To Watch

Not going to lie, when I saw this photo over the weekend I got about a 3/4 chub. In theory this is pretty interesting pairing that could make for some pretty fun basketball.  Would it result in the Celtics getting back to the playoffs and back to the NBA Finals?  I’m not so sure about that because let’s be honest, outside of Rondo, the Celtics roster lacks a lot and to get Love we’d have to give up our two 1st round draft picks.  That would leave us with Rondo, Love and a whole lotta nothing.  That reminds me a lot of what the Minnesota Timberwolves look like right now and they haven’t made the playoffs with Kevin Love on their roster.

So would it be fun to watch these two run a pick and roll?  Fuck yeah, but outside of that I’m not sure it’s a move I’d make without some assurances that they could add another piece to this roster.  Rondo and Love aren’t winning you championships in the current NBA.



P.S. Hey Rondo, real talk, the bucket hat is NOT a good look.  You’re welcome.