You Guys Catch Governor Martin O’Malley Ripping The Banjo In Annapolis This Weekend?



Via Baltimore Sun: He’s the most powerful man in Maryland, and perhaps even a future president. And he spent Monday night strumming the banjo by the City Dock in Annapolis. Yes, that was Gov. Martin O’Malley crooning Irish tunes along the brick promenade, a spokeswoman confirmed. “There’s no back story. He was there. He was playing,” said spokeswoman Nina Smith. “It wasn’t planned.” The governor even managed to collect tips from passersby, which he donated to the poor box at nearby St. Mary’s Parish, Smith said. Wearing a Ravens T-shirt, cargo shorts and flip-flops, the governor played the traditional folk songs he normally sings with his band, O’Malley’s March. 

Um, does your Governor rip banjos in the middle of downtown Annapolis?  Also, whose Governor does this unprovoked?  Just a random evening in May and O’Malley feels the need to just get down.  Even made a few bucks which he promptly donated to a local church parish.  Just a BAWSE move if I’ve ever seen one.  Guy may be a big time politician but it’s apparent he still needs to unwind in his own way.

P.S. Cargo shorts, brah?  Um, where’s his stylist?  Oh that’s right, he/she just got fired for letting O’Malley leave the house in god damned cargo shorts.