Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin Trading Blows Like Heavyweight Fighters


Look, I guess this is what life is like when you only work a couple of months a year and make a gagillion dollars.  You get to cause the internet to freak out day after day pumping gas and drinking coffee.  But for real, is Gosling always pumping gas?  And where’s his driver?  If I had a gagillion dollars I would hire a driver immediately.  Never know when you’re going to end up having a million beers or so.  #AmateurHour

Just to review,

Culkin hit Gosling with this gem this week after Gosling went old school Culkin on his shirt.

Well played by both.  Culkin, you’re up.

P.S. If you don’t think I’m starting this with my friends, you’re absolutely crazy.  This is gold on top of gold.

h/t M.Dize