What Is This Sport, And Why Don’t I Play It?


Seriously, I had to look it up because it blew my mind.  Soccer ball, dribbling, fake kicking and a goalkeeper?  What. The. Fuck?  Thankfully, Wikipedia has me covered.  It’s Gaelic Football, and honestly I should have known that.  What I didn’t know is how mad nice it is.

You know what else is mad nice?  This goal.  Here’s the build up from Balls.ieLiam Irwin stole the show in Mayo’s victory over Roscommon in the Connacht Minor football on Sunday with a fantastic goal. The full forward bamboozled the Roscommon defence with two beautifully disguised dummies before smashing the ball into the roof of the net. Spot the Roscommon defender doing all he can to avoid the Mayo forward.

Let me bring to your attention the word bamboozled.  Why haven’t I been using this word more?  What the hell is my problem?  Well, all that’s about to change.  See, I just bamboozled the shit out my readers with this blog.  Just left you stupefied.  Oh SHIT!  Two phenomenal words back to back.  Time to stop before I do something crazy.