John Farrell Is Not Happy With MLB’s Instant Replay, Not Happy At All.


First let’s set the stage.  Saturday night the Red Sox looked to overturn a call at second base, where it looked like the Yankees player’s foot came off the bag as he slid into second base.  The umpires didn’t overturn the call, claiming they didn’t have the right views to make the call.  MLB came out and said that the call should have been made in favor of the Red Sox and that the umpires were wrong.


Sure looks like that guy is out…

Last night, the video above happened.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bang, bang play but one that would be hard to overturn since there seems to be no clear evidence to overturn it.  Basically the umpires just decided they thought Cervelli was safe.  Well, Farrell had seen and heard enough.  Guy went straight looney tunes on the umps and with good reason.  Maybe his frustration should have been towards the MLB but the umps were the ones making that call on that night.  Farrell was ejected but not before dropping this hot fire line –

“That’s a fucking horseshit system! Shove it up your fucking ass!”

Yeah, I’d say he’s not happy with the MLB replay system.

Personal Rant: Leave it up to fucking Selig to implement a more intense replay system that doesn’t have all the views.  What’s the fucking point?  How do you miss a play when I’ve seen it 100 times on the TV since it happened?  So glad he decided not to retire. #FUCKSelig