Johnny Football Is Making It Hard For NFL Teams To Overlook Him


Via SourceAs a student at Texas A&M Johnny Manziel hardly got the full experience, opting to take nearly all of his classes online following his Heisman Trophy victory in 2012.

But it appears that whether he was in class, or not, Manziel is indeed a smart individual. At least that is what former NFL scout and current San Francisco radio host John Middlekauff is reporting on Thursday.

Middlekauff tweeted that Manziel totaled the highest score among NFL Draft quarterbacks on the Wonderlic test, used by NFL teams to determine each player’s problem-solving skills.

Heads up people, the legend of Johnny Football just got a slap in the ass, even if it appears he didn’t need one.  Manziel must be laughing every step of the way.  Guy wins the Heisman as a freshman, parties like he’s a seasoned vet, crushes his pro day and now, just to remind everyone that it’s not all effort, blows away the Wonderlic test.  Now, we all know this test isn’t the end all be all, but for him to throw down a 32, best among all quarterbacks, is fantastic.  Pretty sure Mel Kiper’s hair must be standing on edge right now because of Johnny Football.  Wet dream city for these scouts.  What will Johnny do next?  We’ll probably see him on CNN somewhere in the waters around Malaysia coming to the surface with the infamous black box we can’t seem to find.  Boy is a BAWSE.