Destination: St. Patrick’s Day Weekend In Holyoke, MA


I don’t run the Road Race, I drink to support it.

It’s tradition for me to go home for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Holyoke, MA every year.  I’ve missed it one year since I moved to Baltimore in 2006 and I was so disappointed in myself.  Road Race shenanigans on Saturday, enormous parade on Sunday if you’re not that hungover and a whole lot of green and white.  See you if I see you, bitches.  I’ll be the guy with the 40 of Old English.

It's all good! #stpatricksweekend

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According to Wikipedia, “Holyoke holds the second largest annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in the nation, attracting 350,000 to 450,000 people every year.”  So deal with it.