Jim Irsay Arrested For DUI And Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Via IndyStarColts owner James Irsay was arrested by Carmel Police Sunday night on preliminary drunken-driving charges and possession of a controlled substance, police said.

The bond for Irsay was set at $22,500, said Bryant Orem of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.


Here’s Irsay’s tweet from October:

Not saying the guy can’t have a good time, it’s just that…well, you know how these things work out.

Plus there’s this little gem that’s flying around the twittersphere this morning…

It’s all fun and jokes until you get pulled over at 3am drunk and in possession of something illegal.  You think I’ll get a response from the questions I asked Irsay on Twitter?

And that’s the worst thing about this story.  Guy is worth about $1.2 billion according to Forbes and doesn’t have a driver or didn’t chose to pay for transportation after getting banged up last night.  Let me say right here that if I’m ever worth $1.2 Billion I’m hiring a driver full time to ensure this shit doesn’t happen to me.  No need to deal with that shit.