Justin Bieber’s Swag Is A Billion In His Deposition Video

Via TMZ – It’s worth watching them all if you have time. If you love Biebs, you’ll love this. If you hate him, this will not change your opinion of him!

How do you think this lawyer felt getting owned by the Biebs?  Guy has a law degree, probably makes six figures, has a big fancy office and yet, some kid who is barely 20, with millions of dollars is just trolling the shit out of him.  Lawyer probably couldn’t get out of there quick enough.

It’s so apparent that Bieber could care less about this deposition.  Probably would rather be on some island, hooking up with hot chicks and sipping syrup all day long.  Plus it’s apparent that the lawyers asking the questions are more concerned with getting useless facts out of him than anything else.  I’m sure they were just trying to get him worked up in hopes that he’d freak out and they’d catch it all on tape.  Brah stayed strong though and kept his cool.  But I probably would have worked the Selena angle a little more.  He seemed generally annoyed by that.

The swag that he has throughout the videos is just overwhelming.  The wink at the end of the first video is all you need to see to know how he feels.

Thanks to Cdot on this one.