SoBo Cafe Reviewed: Place Is Basically The Teets


I eat out a lot which is probably why I’m fat.  Figured I’d let you know where you can go and get a good meal in Baltimore, because, really, no one has ever done this before.  When you look up “trailblazer” in the dictionary, they’ll just have a link to  These reviews won’t be long, because honestly, who wants to read a thousand words on a restaurant.  That would never work.

SoBo Cafe,  6 W Cross St, Federal Hill.

First of all, how they’ve survived all this time with a .net is beyond me.  Do they even make those anymore?  As far as the food goes, the menu is small, ever changing and never disappointing.  Pot Pie is stick to your ribs good and the beers are cheap.  That should be enough to get any man in the door.  The food is made fresh every day and the place follows sustainability practices, so that should get the women inside.  They also always feature a local artist in and around the restaurant.

Seriously though, I’ve never had a bad meal there.  The employees are nice, the food isn’t over priced and a bud light is $4.  In Federal Hill, at a place where your feet don’t stick to the floor, I’ll take that seven days a week.

Positive – Good prices, great food, local and fresh.

Negatives – Small and can feel even smaller when packed. (That’s nitpicking too, I know.)