Sports Things I Missed While Doing My Real Job

Haven’t been blogging much again because the job that pays me has been taking up the majority of my life like it probably should.  Doesn’t mean we can’t relive some of the more entertaining moments from this week.

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Defense wins championships, I think.



Bro should have had a little more Sprite before attempting this throw down. (Head to 45 seconds for the “dunk”)

Darn it.


Jadeveon Clowney ran the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine like a running back or wide receiver, except he weights about 60 pounds more than them.


and he burned Johnny Football


Baseball started! Which is funny, because with this especially cold, snowy winter, I’d love a job where every February I went down to Florida and hung out for 2 months.


Again, my preview is coming, but I think this team has a legit chance to repeat.  Depth is key and the Red Sox have depth, youth and a whole lot of skill.


LeDouche tried to look cool with a black mask for his broken nose.  Fail.  Also, all you clowns that said he looked like Bane, please.  Bane is a beast, this guy is a straight clown.

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami Heat



Not only is Bane more of a bad ass, his swag is on about a billion on this one.  All LeDouche needs is a red nose to make the outfit complete.

The NBA trade deadline went down with a flurry of small moves, expiring contracts being moved and then bought out and the Celtics did little to nothing.  No trading of Kris Humphries’ expiring deal, not dealing Jeff Green or Rajon Rondo and nothing really exciting to report at all.

Oh, and Jim Boeheim started the week off right with this gem.