MLB Announces New Fielding Tracking System That Is Awesome.

Right this minute the MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference is happening.  This thing sounds like the greatest sports/ nerd event ever. If you’ve never heard of it, educate yourself.  Basically some of the brightest minds in the country gather and talk nerdy sports stuff.  It’s awesome and if I ever become anything more than a couch sports blogger, it would be one of the first places I’d check out.

Just today, Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced at the conference their new fielding tracking system.  There’s no name yet and there’s not much else to add.  Just know that it could revolutionize the way we view the sport of baseball.  Dave Cameron, a favorite of mine, already mentioned it over at Fangraphs as a huge piece to the future of baseball.  Deadspin has mentioned it too.

They started at Citi Field last year in New York and will have it installed in three major league parks this year with full implementation happening in 2015.  This is some pretty cool stuff.  Check out the stats they drop for a game winning catch from Jason Heyward last year in New York.

The baseball saber guys have to be pumped here.  It’s a big day for baseball if you’re into trying to figure out who’s really good and who’s just average.  Mike Trout’s greatness probably just became a bit more easier to see.  Maybe now, he can win an MVP award while he’s putting together some of the most ridiculous seasons ever.

P.S. I hope Bud Selig didn’t even know about this thing happening because he doesn’t use email.  Guy is such a piece of shit.