New Hampshire High School Boys Basketball Team Wins First Game In Four Years

Via Deadspin:

With all the damn college teams rushing the court every time their team beats a ranked opponent, what’s up with the weaksauce celebration by the fans in Plaistow acting like this isn’t a HUGE DEAL?  I mean, come on people, Timberlane Regional hadn’t won a varsity basketball game since December 2010 and the fans might have stood up at the end of the game (all twelve of them.)  Just seems like people should have been a little more excited for the team as they broke an 81 game losing streak.  Guess when it’s -12 degrees outside and there’s 15 feet of snow on the ground, you can’t really get excited about anything.

P.S. How hard did these kids throw down last night?  Maybe a coke can bong in the woods, smoking some weed some guy from Southern New Hampshire University sold them at a rest area off I-93?  Maybe they got a bunch of Natty Ice and just went HAM in the woods.  Whatever the case, there’s no chance they didn’t get at least a handy after breaking the curse.  Well done bros, well done.

P.P.S. Some of those bros from Keene look straight salty.  Better luck next time chumps.