Devin Brugman Doesn’t Fight Fair On Instagram

So part of my new year, new blog mentality was to shy away from constant posts about hot women.  Not because I don’t enjoy them but because I wanted this blog to have more substance and didn’t want to push pageviews by throwing up chicks in bikinis every day.  So far so good for 2014, but my not even close to secret crush Devin Brugman is just killing it right now.  It’s not even fair the heat she’s dropping.  Seriously, I’m not sure you can look away after a few seconds.

So here’s a video, here’s a picture and that’s all you get.  You want more, head to her instagram page.

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Happy Valentines Day! ❤️ @MONDAYSWIMWEAR

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I can’t keep this kind of heat from the readers, just can’t.