I Can’t Tell If I Need This Counting Koozie Or If I’m Afraid Of What It Will Tell Me

Via Gizmodo – When you’re at a party, or a barbecue, or are just killing time before work in the morning, the last thing you want to be bothered with is keeping track of how many beers you’ve had. Just let the Bevometer koozie take care of all the counting for you.

Besides keeping your can or bottle insulated and cold for as long as possible, a sensor inside the Bevometer detects every time a new drink is inserted, and automatically increases the ‘this time’ and ‘lifetime’ counters on the koozie’s LCD display, if you want to get all competitive about it


Youtube video from the website:

Seriously, I’m terrified of what this thing would tell me.  Especially after a night with the boys.  I can just imagine waking up, going downstairs, finding my by counting koozie smashed into the pocket of my coat, pulling it out and seeing 17 on the drink counter.  How am I going to feel about myself?  Will I be pumped that I’m still alive and somewhat functional or will I hate myself knowing that doesn’t even count the shots I took the previous night.  Either way, there is no way anything good comes of these things.

But I still kinda want one for all the reasons I listed above.  Sometimes you just want to know.

To back it through kickstarter, click here.  I’m not saying I just ordered one, I’m just saying that I supported the cause.

s/o to Brad