USA Hockey Beats Russia In A Shootout,TJ Oshie Instantly Becomes USA Folk Hero.



That shit was awesome.  TJ Oshie basically owned Putin and the Russians in the shootout.  Who cares that we got a little lucky with Jonathan Quick (UMASS GRAD) knocking his own goal off its rocker.  Got to be lucky to win big and the Olympics are as big as it gets.  Plus, you know the Russians want to beat the hell out of us since we steal their best players year after year and have them play in our league.

Watch the entire shootout here.

Also, caught this beauty of Patty Kane after his failed breakaway attempt and the follow up miss on video.  Hey Patrick, we all shared the same thought at the same time. #fuckme

Sleep well Patty, the US got the win.  See you in the knockout run Russians.