The 1st Annual Beard Off for Cancer Has Less Than Two Weeks Left In Their Inaugural Fundraiser

It’s been a while so I wanted to update everyone on the progress of the 1st Annual Beard Off for Cancer benefiting the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  It’s been a fantastic fundraising experience and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything about it.  We are looking forward to the final two fundraisers and then planning for next year’s event.

So where are we?  We’ve met just under 50% of our fundraising goal.  $20,000 was always ambitious, but “go big or go home” has always been the mantra of this blog and there is no reason to change things.  There’s still time to donate and we will be hosting our final two events this week before the official shave down at the Quinntessential Gentleman next Thursday.  If you’re in the Baltimore/ DC area this Thursday or Saturday, feel free to come by and check out our beards and donate to a great cause.

So how’s the beard?  I’ll let you be the judge.  I can honestly say I’ve never had a beard this long and it’s been a strong look with the cold winter weather we’ve had in Baltimore over the last few weeks.


Swaggy Woodsman in effect.

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What’s on tap this week?

This Thursday we will be guest bartending at Mad River in Federal Hill in Baltimore.  From 7pm – 10pm the boys in beards will be serving up drinks to anyone and everyone who attends.  We’ll host a 50/50 raffle, have t-shirts for sale and potentially have some items up for auction.  It’ll be a fun time as we kick off the weekend a day early!

This Saturday, we will be getting our Poker Face on as we are hosting the 1st Annual Poker Tournament benefiting the Ulman Cancer Fund.  This is a fantastic event that will take place at Pratt Street Ale House from 3pm – 7pm.  For more information, shoot me an email and we can get you registered.  To play poker, we suggest a $50 donation and if you want to come by and enjoy the atmosphere, we suggest a $5 donation.  We will have unique prizes for the winner(s) of the poker tournament, tons of Silent Auction items and tons of things going on throughout the day.

We hope that you can make it out for one of our final events of the fundraiser.

Want to donate or get involved, click this link.

Want to know more, see below.

From the website:  A leading voice in the young adult cancer movement, The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults works at a grassroots level to support, educate, connect, and empower young adult cancer survivors.  Since inception in 1997, we have been working tirelessly at both the community level and with our national partners to raise awareness of the young adult cancer issue, and to ensure all young adults and families impacted by cancer have a voice and the resources necessary to thrive.

Where does the money go?  Even better question, from the website:

UCF is proud to have many accomplishments in the young adult cancer movement. Our success would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors and fundraisers:

  • Awarding over $500,000 in college scholarships to young adults impacted by cancer across the country
  • Providing over $100,000 in funding to other young adult support organizations through our Visionary Grants Program
  • Distributing over 15,000 guidebooks to individuals and cancer centers in all 50 U.S. states
  • Responsibly allocating over 80% of all our spending towards mission-related programs
  • Helping over 600 recently diagnosed young adult patients navigate their cancer experience every year
  • Effectively reducing our fundraising spending to less than 10% of our total expenditures by investing in programs like Team Fight and partnerships like 24 Hours of Booty, Rev3 Triathlon, 4K for Cancer, and Maryland Half Marathon

As we strive to help every young adult navigate his or her cancer experience, YOUR donation has a profound effect on our success — and in ways you might not have even considered…

  • $25 will pay for transporting a patient to a doctor’s appointment
  • $50 will pay to keep a patient’s lights and power on during treatment
  • $75 will pay for three hours of our Navigator’s time working with patients and families
  • $100 will pay for our patient navigators to facilitate a monthly support group
  • $200 will pay to help preserve a young adult’s fertility prior to starting treatment
  • $500 will pay for our Navigator to meet and work with five new patients and their families
  • $1,000 will pay for gas cards to help 40 patients get to treatment
  • $1,500 will pay to distribute guidebooks to 428 newly diagnosed cancer patients
  • $2,500 will pay for a scholarship to send a young adult facing cancer to college
  • $5,000 will pay to feed and support 90 college students as they ride their bikes cross-country with 4K for Cancer
  • $10,000 will help us start another Patient Navigation program at a cancer center

Plus over 84% of the money they raise is spent on the programs and support they provide.


This is a fantastic opportunity to help those whose life has been affected by cancer.  We all know someone close to us who has had their life impacted by cancer and every little bit helps.

Click on this Fundraising Page to donate to a great cause!