Justin Bieber Riding Away From The Police Station On Top Of His Escalade After His Arrest Is BAWSE.

Via CBSBieber was arrested after police said they saw him speeding down a residential street in Miami Beach in a yellow Lamborghini. Officers say he had an expired license, was initially not cooperative when he was pulled over and smelled of alcohol.  Police say Bieber later admitted that he had been drinking, smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication.

Unless you don’t pay attention to anything, the Biebs was arrested yesterday around 4am for racing, being drunk, being high and for being amazing.  He and a buddy of his were racing lambos down residential streets in Miami while getting high and apparently sipping on liquid codeine.  Long story short, they were killin’ it.  Then they got pulled over, arrested and taken into custody.  Thankfully for all us Beliebers, Biebs was released yesterday afternoon after posting bail.  How do you celebrate getting out of jail?  Well if you’re taking tips from Bieber, you hop up on top of your Escalade and wave to your fans who came to see you.  That’s King type shit right there.  You’ve got fans waiting outside of a correctional facility to see you and soak in every minute of it.  No need to deprive the fans of what they came to see.

This is Biebs mugshot.  I’m not mad, acne or no acne kid still is the man.  Haters gonna hate, Bieber is going to continue to better than you at life, nuff said.


Couple of thoughts from the article:

I.  Is it really racing if you’re going 65 in a 30MPH zone at 4am?  I mean, can you actually get in trouble for that?  In Miami no less?  Seems like the type of thing you get a warning for.

II.  Biebs having an expired licence should probably get someone in his camp fired.  No way that should ever happen.  Guy probably doesn’t drive much, but how hard is it to renew his licence and slip it into his wallet after he’s passed out from the liquid codeine?

III.  Speaking of getting fired, I’m just going to assume that the police officers that pulled him over are on the chopping block.  Pulling over the Biebs for speeding is rookie city.  Lambos speeding down a street at 4am means you take out your camera phone and you take pictures hoping to get a peek at someone legit.  It doesn’t mean, pull over Canada’s golden child and give him a sobriety test.  It freakin’ 4am in South Beach, how the hell can you expect Bieber to be sober?

IV.  Word on the street was this was the chick that was riding shotgun in Biebs’ car.  Where’s Selena?  Is she just chopped liver at this point or does the Biebs have a clause written into their relationship that states that after midnight he can do whatever the hell he wants?  Oh wain, he can do whatever the hell he wants, he’s Justin Bieber.

Biebs doing it big as usual.