Bud Selig Receiving The First Annual Bud Selig Leadership Award Is Douche On Top Of Douche

Stay classy Bud.  Just a typical dick move by a dick guy.  I don’t even care anymore.  Does it even matter who this Baseball Assistance Team is?  I guess it isn’t enough to name an award after someone anymore, you have to give him the award too.  Just another Bud Selig being Bud Selig moment.  Biggest Douche Bag I Know.  Seriously, this coming out right after his crusade to end A-Rod’s career has got to be as good as Viagra to this guy.  He probably had this Baseball Assistance Team hold out on announcing this until after he had put his entire fist in A-Rod.

Good thing he cleaned up baseball after he was blindsided by over a decade of steroid use while he was commissioner.  What would we have done without him.

Oh and there’s this nugget from Jayson Stark from ESPN: “In fact, Selig said, he would like to spend his last year as commissioner on a Mariano Rivera-type tour of all 30 major league parks, speaking not with baseball dignitaries but with fans and people who work in his sport behind the scenes.”

Hey Bud, let me be the first to say that If I see you at a ballpark, prepared to be heckled.  You’re a douche bag.  You’re not the best closer who ever played the game.  No one wants to see your old, wrinkled, decrepit face hanging around “the fans” prior to the game.