Welcome Lenny To The B’More2Boston Family

So, since the new year, blogging here has slowed.  Part of it is life got busier, part of it is I got somewhat disinterested in trying to keep up with the daily news when I really just wanted to focus on what I really liked: Sports and funny / ridiculous stories.  The last part of it happened last Monday when we welcomed Lenny to our family.  Lenny is a dog, he’s a Shepard mix of some sort.  I’m not really sure because I’m not that much into dogs.  Regardless, I like this dog, but he’s a puppy so he requires more time than I ever could have imagined.  Specifically he’s 8 weeks old and a rescue from a kill shelter that we adopted from the Howard County Animal Shelter.  He was sick, so he’s been on medication, but that medication just ended.  In the 6 days we’ve had him he’s slowly become more energetic, more crazy and more unpredictable, but I expected that.  I also expected him to be a lot of work, that’s why I didn’t want a puppy, but I’m team player and I’m patient, so we now have an 8 week old puppy.

photo 1

He is great, he’s just a lot when you’ve not had to think about anyone or anything else for a long time.  Now, I have to think about Lenny.  Not all the time, just enough that he keeps me in the house more than I probably would like.  He’s like a baby in that he needs to go to the bathroom a lot, he sleeps a lot and at times he cries.  But he’s already sleeping through the night, knows to go to the bathroom outside and is a pretty solid cuddle partner.  So I imagine he’ll stick around for a while.

And so will the blog.  It probably won’t be so intense though.  The blogs will still be hot fire but they’ll be about stuff I truly care about and / or find ridiculous.  No more current events and everything you need to know about everyone.  I’m still going to be all over Miley and Bieber and I’m still pissed off at the lack of moves by the Orioles this off-season.  I want page views because I’m writing things I care about not just the stuff that’s trending on all the major websites.

For now, just enjoy Lenny.