Counting down The Best of 2013 #6: This Guy Who Sued His Wife Because His Kids Were Ugly And Won Is So BAWSE I Can’t Even Handle It

This was the first full year of B’more2Boston.  With that in mind, let’s countdown the top 6 blogs of the year with commentary.  Why six?  Because I’m starting it today and I’m running it through New Year’s Eve.  Some of them we’re pretty big news while a few were completely out of the blue.  Either way, here they are, the top 6 blogs from B’more2Boston for 2013.

#6 – The Guy that sued his wife because his kids were ugly.


This was funny because he won.  $120,000 to the husband who was pissed off his wife got plastic surgery and didn’t tell him about it.  Makes you wonder what the hell could be next? honesty, my guess is those kids turn out just fine and while this guy could probably end up with another dime, tossing one out because you’re kids aren’t gorgeous at the age of 5 is kind of a dick move, right?  Still though, BAWSE city if you ask me.  Go big or go home people.