Boston Red Sox And David Ortiz Are Talking Extension…Why?

On Friday, reports surfaced that David Ortiz was talking contract extension with the Boston Red Sox.  Via ESPN: “World Series MVP David Ortiz said Friday that his representatives are working with theBoston Red Sox to add another season to his contract, which expires after next season.  “My lawyers are talking with the Red Sox to see if we can get another year, and we’ll see what happens later,” Ortiz said to Dionisio Soldevila of in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.”

David Ortiz

My initial reaction was, why the hell would the Red Sox do that unless it’s a contract kicks in based on his performance over the next year.  I love Papi and everything he’s meant to the Boston Red Sox over the last ten years, but he’s a 38 year old DH who himself isn’t sure if he’ll play beyond next year.  If I were the Red Sox, I’d kindly decline, tell him to play this year out and if he wants another deal at the conclusion of this one, I’d be sure to listen.  We did this last year with Papi.  We knew he wasn’t going anywhere even if he kept the door open ever so slightly.  For as much as the Red Sox need him, Papi needs Boston.  Sure he could go play somewhere else, but if he struggled even a little, fans would start complaining about getting a DH only player past his prime for way too much money.  If he struggles next year in Boston, everyone will still love him for 2004, 2007 and 2013.  That’s just the way it works.  He’ll be forever loved in New England and that’s why he needs to stay.  Boston executives know this and hopefully won’t budge on Papi’s request.  Papi wants the security of knowing that even if he struggles he’ll be guaranteed a pay day.  If Ortiz goes out and hits 30+ dingers and plays his role of team leader and energy man, then sure, let’s throw him the qualifying offer and call it a day.  There’s no reason to give a guy a one year extension at 38.