Everything That Happened In The NFL Yesterday In One Blog.

The only thing that made driving 12 hours though the middle of nowhere half way entertaining was the constant updates via Ipad of the NFL yesterday.  That’s right, no TV, no Sunday Ticket, just straight up radio and Ipad in the car.  If you were like me and missed it all, here’s the unofficial rundown of everything that was something yesterday.

Detroit vs. Philadelphia in a straight up blizzard.

Patriots beat the Browns with the help of a phantom pass interference call.

But they lose Gronk for the season after he sustains a gruesome knee injury from this hit.

The Pittsburgh Steelers almost pulled off one of the most ridiculous end of game plays ever if not for Antonio Brown getting two toes on the out of bounds line a few steps before he scored.

Matt Prater hit a 64 yard field goal which is now the longest in NFL history. #NBD

And the Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings couldn’t figure out who was going to win so they just kept letting each other score at the end of the game.

RIDICULOUS!  That’s how you’re supposed to play football.  Hey Buffalo Bills, take notice.

Also, Peyton Manning is kind of ridiculous, the Redskins are a huge joke, New Orleans looked pretty tight, San Francisco won a big game and the one last time, the Buffalo Bills suck.

super huge s/o to GIFD Sports and CJZero