A Trip To Indianapolis: The B1G 10 Championship Reviewed.


While it seems like almost a week ago, the B1G 10 Championship took place Saturday night between Michigan State University and The Ohio State University.  We already know that MSU pulled off a solid upset of the #2 team in the land, thus ending Urban Meyer‘s chance at two straight undefeated seasons and a shot at the BCS National Championship.  I was there, as myself and two of my friends drove to Indy from Maryland to take in the festivities and root for MSU (one of my friends is a true Spartan.)  The game was amazing, Indy was pretty solid and we met TJ Duckett along the way.  Needless to say, I’d do it again except there is NO WAY IN HELL I’d ever make that drive again.

Um, TJ, do you wooden skull necklace?

Thoughts from the weekend:

Do not drive to Indy from Maryland.  Book a plane ticket, jump on a train, hitchhike the entire way.  All of those options would be better than driving to Indianapolis in early-December on a Friday night with a winter storm tearing through the country.  9 hours became 12 and let me tell you what sucks; being in the car for 12 hours especially when you know that the weather is keeping you from going above 45 MPH is just the worst. Oh by the way…

Don’t drive home from Indy on Sunday, the day after the big game against OSU when you have to drive basically through Columbus.  Makes for traffic jams on top of traffic jams.  That was another 12 hours in the car.  Thank god for snow days in Maryland after two inches of snow.  It’s making my transition back into the real world a lot easier by letting me sit on my couch in sweatpants.  So if you’re keeping score we spent about 24 hours driving.  Next time, Southwest like you read about.

Indy wasn’t ready.  I was told this was the case in 2011 when MSU was last in the B1G Ten Championship but had to see it for my own eyes.  On Saturday there was probably a 30+ minute wait at just about every bar about 4 hours before the game.  Thankfully we found a bar/ hostel (pretty sure it turned into one after dark) where there was next to nobody when we arrived.  however, by about 5:30pm there was a solid 100+ patrons in the bar and 2 bartenders, one of which we were pretty suer was the owner and I don’t think he’d ever bartended in his life.  They eventually got it under control but having a few extra people working a few hours before one of the biggest college football games of the year seems like a no-brainer to me regardless of who’s playing and where the game is.

That bar also had frosted bathroom doors.  Yeah, you read that correctly, lock the door and you glass door gets a frost so no one can see you except for the fact that everyone can still see you.  I thought it was slick though.

We didn’t have tickets so we were attempting to purchase on the streets or online leading up to the game.  That kind of became a cluster-F as there were several hundred other people attempting to do the same thing.  Whatever, we missed the first quarter but scored seats 11 rows back on the MSU sideline at the 40 yard line for prices less than the face value.  BAWSE move on top of BAWSE move, son.

Bawse seats

Bawse seats


Lucas Oil Stadium is the straight up teets.  That place may be the nicest sports arena/ stadium/ whatever the hell else you call it, I’ve ever been in.  The atmosphere is perfect, the stadium is world-class and everything looks slick

We tried über this weekend, the cab app that basically makes you feel like a BAWSE because you click a button on your phone and a driver comes and picks you up wherever you are.  Not a cab, a driver in a real car that doesn’t smell like the person driving the car actually lives in the car.  If you don’t have über, you’re basically not living the right way.  Click here to learn more and download the app which you should have already done.

Waffle houses still rock.  I’m pretty sure I’ll die 2-3 years earlier because of what I ate there but there is still no better value than getting a shit ton of food for cheap and putting $5 into the jukebox and getting 25 songs.  Maybe we only heard five of them but the place was treated to a host of boy bands and rap songs for the next 2-3 hours.

The picture of Urban Meyer, while hilarious, pretty much summed up what I think every OSU fan felt as the game was coming to an end.  Everyone had been saying they didn’t deserve to be there, that they hadn’t played anyone good but OSU kept on winning and moving up the rankings.  By the time the game was over in Indy, I think most OSU fans felt like they had been hit by a mack truck.  They had won 24 straight games and were one more win a way from leaving all of the Terrelle Pryor/ Jim Tressel/ drama years behind.  Now this year will be remembered for Meyer sitting on a golf cart eating Papa Johns pizza looking like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world.


Congrats to MSU football.  A well deserved win and a chance to take it even a step further by winning the Rose Bowl.  It’s not completely ridiculous to think they could finish #2 in the country.  Plus when your coach is making Rich Homie Quan references, you really can’t lose.