Thoughts On This YouTube Video Crushing People In 2013 For Sexism Toward Women

Troll city, population these guys.  You know what though, I ate it up.

These are the types of videos that crack me up.  Big introductory article and YouTube title about how women haven’t come far enough with regards to sexism, but hold on, before we get to that, let’s pat ourselves on the back a bunch before telling all of you how sexist you still are.  Please stop this insanity.  I get it, you don’t like women being shown on screen because of their bodies, but you know what?  This chick makes a twice as much as her husband because of her body.  Is that a problem?  Should we be mad at her for what she does?  Is she holding women back?  I just don’t see it. Sure, you want to pull up the people out there that say dumb things about educated women, I’m cool with that, but picking on women who get paid more than most of us to put on a bikini is just wrong.

Why can’t we just celebrate a woman’s success and be done with it?  Why does this video have to be so negative?  Were all women they profiled as “being a representation of sexism” ok with being profiled as part of the problem?  Or are they enjoying the living they’re making while shooting that commercial or being a part of that project?  Am I just being trolled like you read about?

Apparently, all three of these people are the worst.

P.S. Love how Miley and Rihanna are the only two women they profile as individuals (not associated with a company) holding women back.  Pretty much the two most popular young female superstars in the country.