Anyone Who Gives This Chick Heat For Posting A Picture Of Herself Post Pregnancy Is A Straight Up Hater

I feel so empty, and still not 😱😂 4 days after birth 😄👶🌸👼

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Via Yahoo: “This is not a selfie. This is an act of war,” writes one Australian blogger in response to the image — just one of many blogs, news outlets, body image experts, and social-media commenters around the world to weigh in on the matter in the past few days, putting the photo at the center of a major online body image controversy. “This whole situation has become ludicrous. The competition for women to give birth and then immediately remove any trace from their bodies that they ever carried a child is OBSCENE. There is no other word for it.” Another blogger calls the photo of Eriksen, who is married to pro soccer player Lars-Kristian Eriksen, “wildly provocative.”Eriksen posted the photo of herself on Instagram, along with the caption, “I feel so empty…4 days after birth,” igniting the online backlash. Twitter users called Eriksen and her washboard abs “intimidating,” “unhelpful,” “obviously a freak,” and “unfair to all women.”

Haters gonna hate, women gonna complain. Nothing like chicks losing their mind over a hot chick sticking’ it too them on social media.  Look, chicks is a bona fide fitness chick.  It’s her job to be and stay healthy.  6 packs like you read about people.  Get over yourselves and go have some Thanksgiving leftovers.