I Blame Rob Ford For Buffalo Losing To Atlanta In Toronto


Honestly, I don’t blame Ford, I blame a franchise that hasn’t yet learned how to win.  It’s been a long time since this team had sustained success and this year represents the perfect example for how a good team can fail to live up to the talent they actually have.  Take yesterday’s 34-31 loss to the Falcons, a team that has simply forgotten how to play football this year.  Injuries, a terrible defense and and some bad luck put this team at 2-9.  Buffalo was coming off a bye with a chance to still (SOMEHOW!) sniff the playoff hunt.  What did they do?  They dropped the ball (literally) twice in the most crucial times and lost to a team that is trying to give away games.

Two fumbles, one in regulation, one in overtime, on basically the same play, killed any chance the Bills had at winning yesterday and the playoffs in 2013.  Just ridiculous fumbles that could have been avoided by just putting two hands on the ball.  This team is just finding ways to lose games.

Stevie’s fumble (JUST GO DOWN!!)


This would have been enough for Dan Carpenter to knock home the game winning field goal.  Scott Chandler did basically the same thing in OT and the Bills offense never saw the ball again.  This is the kind of stuff that happens to a team when they are not accustomed to winning big games.  Which is weird because it seems like they had turned the corner on things like that earlier this season.

But this is Buffalo Bills football.  They’re like a freshman standout on a varsity sports team.  All the skills and talent are there but they just haven’t put it all together.  You know it’s going to come eventually, but for now you’ve got to deal with the mistakes and growing pains that will undoubtedly happen.  That’s the Buffalo Bills of 2013;  A whole lot of talent but an inability to execute on a consistent basis.

P.S. Hey Rob ford, as the mayor of Toronto, couldn’t you have gotten better seats?  Why aren’t you in the club level, brah?

P.P.S. A gentle reminder that the Buffalo Bills Toronto Series is an absolute crock of shit.  Just a complete waste of time. The Bills basically give up a home game so 20,000 Toronto natives can watch an NFL game.  Series needs to just go away. (I SAID THIS LAST YEAR.)