1st Annual Beard Off To Support The Ulman Cancer Fund UPDATE! One Week In And Just Getting Started.

The fact that it has been seven days already is ridiculous.  That begin said, that leaves only 75 days left of growing and fundraising.  We need any and all support you can give us.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE!  Want to learn more about The Ulman Cancer Fund before you donate, CLICK HERE

P.S. T-Shirts are coming!  If you make a $50 donation you will receive a 1st Annual Beard Off t-shirt.  #DoYouBeardBro?

P.P.S. Need an idea for a donation?  Sponsor your favorite beard.  A dollar a day is $82, 50 cents is $41, want to get crazy, $5 is $410!  100% of your donations goes directly to the Ulman Cancer Fund!

P.P.P.S.  I may be the worst “selfie” taker in the history of the world.  Not sure I even understand the basic principles of taking a picture.

photo (1)

So, we’re almost seven days in an here’s my update:  I’ve “sculpted my beard” meaning that what you see is what you’ll get for the next 75 days.  Little off the upper cheek, cleaned up the neck and now it’s time to grow.  Every Monday we’ll check back in to see the progress.  For now, it’s solid, check back with me in January and I may be a woodsman.  DONATE PEOPLE!

#BMOREBEARDS to see updates on Twitter.