If You Celebrate Any Part Of Christmas Before Thanksgiving You’ve Completely Lost Your Mind


Am I the only person left in America who doesn’t like Christmas to start until after Thanksgiving?  I mean what the hell is this shit about Rudolph being on before Thanksgiving?  When I caught wind of that two nights ago I think I actually punched the couch.  What the hell is this world coming to that we need to keep force feeding Christmas down people’s throats earlier and earlier?  It’s bad enough shopping malls had Christmas stuff up a month ago, but to be showing a timeless classic like Rudolph before we even hit the month of December is just a straight up travesty.


Look, here’s my point, Christmas has become so damn commercialized that it’s hard to even enjoy it anymore.  I’m old school and from New England so I grew up with all four seasons.  I like the few weeks leading up to Christmas when school is coming to an end and there’s a few presents under the tree.  You’ve started thinking about gifts for your friends and there might be some snow on the ground.  Now a days you’ve got people getting trees in mid-November when it’s still 55 degrees out, radio stations playing Christmas music around the same time and “lead up” to the 25 days of Christmas.  Last time I checked, Christmas is one day, not a couple of months.  By the time the actual day comes, people are so damn stressed out hoping they’ve bought the right gift for the right people that they don’t even get to enjoy Christmas.  It’s time to relax a little bit.

I won’t listen to Christmas music until Friday, I won’t get a tree until December and I damn sure won’t be watching Rudolph until December is upon us.  This Christmas before Thanksgiving shit is for the birds.

P.S. If you get a fake Christmas Tree you might as well not celebrate Christmas.  That’s Rule #1 in How to be Weaksauce.