Lady Gaga And Christina Aguilera Won The AMAs Last Night. Oh Yeah, And Miley Cyrus And Kittens.


Now this is the Christina I fell in love with when I was in high school, except she’s all grown up and has a few more curves.  Just dropping flames all over the AMA red carpet.

And Lady Gaga continued to do it big by arriving on a human powered white horse.  Her performance was also pretty solid.

The AMAs are pretty much a joke though right?  I mean, was that even an awards show or just a chance for J-Lo and Nelly to resurrect their careers for the 50th time?  I loved how the Florida Georgia Line‘s performance turned into “Ride With Me” for Nelly.  Like, how did he work that out?  “Hey guys, I know this is your song, but what if I come out and sing a song from 10 years ago? Cool, thanks.”  J-Lo was out there swinging her hips and singing in Spanish right in Marc Anthony‘s face.  I think it’s time to let that one go, J-Lo.

Finally, Miley.  I love how she just trolled the world last night with a talking kitten in the background of her performance.  At this point, I figure she and her friends just sit around thinking about the most ridiculous stuff they could pull off at an awards show.  I mean, the AMAs weren’t going to say no to anything she wanted to do, right?  It’s Miley’s world and we’re just living in it.