The Ending To Last Night’s Monday Night Football Game Caused Patriots Fans To Go Crazy

So, unless you don’t follow sports, you missed the ending to the Patriots v. Panthers Monday Night Football contest.  Pass interference, probably, but a call is a call.  For all you Patriots fans who can’t get over the fact that a call went against you, I present a few reminders that the Patriots can’t always get the call.


Oh, and I’m sure the Packers would have liked to have this game back last year.

Look, does it suck for the game to end on that play, sure, but it’s not like they automatically score a touchdown.  They would have still had to punch it in from the 1 or wherever the refs placed the ball (if it was defensive holding.)  No need to burn down Boston because you didn’t win a football game.

P.S. Troll City Son!

h/t to Steve C. and @iamjoonlee