How Swaggy Is This Mike’s Golf Shop Commercial?


Um, did I just sell my golf clubs to Mike?  YES!  Guy is a true entrepreneur.  He doesn’t need a camera crew or a production team to run his commercials.  All he needs is his Iphone3, a sunny day and his charm and personality.  The rest is internet gold.

Did I think this was a real commercial for a real place?  No way.  Was I wrong?  Hundo percent.  Check out the details here: Mike’s Golf Shop

Here’s the first line of text about his business: Hello Golfers: Mike Mixson opened Mike’s Golf Shop July 19th, 2012. Mike’s Golf Shop is a brand new business. We will buy your used golf equipment and of course sell you some of the things we have. We also buy Music Gear and gladly sell what we have

2 things, 1. What is “Music Gear” and 2. No period after that sentence?  What is this, 2nd grade?

And If I don’t have this T-shirt by the end of the week, I’ve failed at life.


Swagg on top of swagg.

s/o to the Kane Show