In Other Buffalo Bills News, They Beat The Snot Out Of The Jets And A Fan Twerked For Cash

First the twerk:

Love how the camera pans to the guys with the $1’s out.  This is what happens when you blow the Jets out of the water.

Speaking of the game, isn’t this exactly what we’re supposed to do to sub par teams with a sub par quarterback?  Put pressure on the guy, force turnovers, and make plays on the offensive side of the ball.  These are the games that frustrate me as a Bills fan.  When we played Geno and the Jets in New Jersey they pooped all over us and left us for dead.  We made Geno look like a seasoned vet.  Then he comes up to Buffalo and we make him look like the guy everyone was concerned about leading up to the draft.  Yesterday made me excited about the future and hopefully let everyone in the Buffalo front office know that WE NEED TO RESIGN JAIRUS BYRD IMMEDIATELY.  Guy is a straight game changer on defense.  We lose him and we’re in trouble defensively going forward.  Some other notes:

Manuel looked healthier and more confident.

Manuel looked healthier and more confident.

EJ looked better.  He looked like the guy we drafted in the first round, though that luck throw to TJ Graham for the touchdown was 100% luck.

If we can keep this defense together, they are going to be scary good.  We just need another legit  cornerback so we can move Aaron Williams to safety and pair him with Jairus Byrd.

Byrd needs to be here long term.  He's just too valuable.

Byrd needs to be here long term. He’s just too valuable.

Beating the Jets makes losing that KC game hurt even more.  Had we held on, we’d be 5-6 still very much in it.  The next three weeks after the bye are Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville so the opportunity to get back in it would have been huge.  Opportunity is still there, but 3 wins would only get us back to 7-7 which probably means no playoffs.  Still an improvement but this team had the opportunity to be in the hunt for the playoffs.  The Bills need more consistency in every phase of the game as well as coaching.

Still a lot of work to do.