Unsurprisingly Glen “Big Baby” Davis Acts Like A Big Baby At A Hotel At 4am.

TMZ doing all the dirty work!

So, here’s Big Baby, at 4am, in a Travelodge Hotel, in Orlando Florida causing a scene and tossing a computer keyboard around like a rag doll.  Couple of things I can absolutely assume in this situation, 1.  Big Baby is white boy wasted.  2. Big Baby has a house in Orlando, where he plays professional basketball, so he shouldn’t be at a Travelodge Hotel at 4am.  3.  If 2 is correct, he’s definitely at the Hotel with hookers.  4. Big Baby is mad because the Jacuzzi tub in his “suite” won’t work and it can’t get really weird in his room.  5. Big Baby asked the front desk guy to join him, he said “no” and that’s why Big Baby freaked out.  6.  The cops didn’t press charges because later on Big Baby asked them to join him and they did, incriminating themselves in the process.  7. The “damages” that the hotel is NOT seeking compensation for are a direct result of Big Baby hammering away at multiple hookers throughout the night.

I mean, who’s going to turn down the Jacuzzi tub with a guy like this?

All definitely true.  Carry on.

P.S. Davis apologized via Twitter, which is what you do now any time you are popular and you make a mistake.  That way people can see that you truly are sorry.