I Need This Horizontal Shower In My Life So Freakin’ Bad

What you need to know Via Time: “The Horizontal Shower, created by the geniuses at Dornbrach, a German manufacturer, and designed by Sieger Design, is a series of six showerheads that sprinkle down on you as you kick back on a reclining surface. To make the prospect of taking a shower while you snooze even more enticing, the showerheads can be programmed to provide varying water temperature, intensity and flow.

In the words of everyone’s favorite informercials: But wait, there’s more! Users can also make use of various showerhead settings that are designed to provide balancing, energizing, or de-stressing effects for those lucky to live in a home large enough to accommodate a reclining shower system.”

Let me say this: I’m honestly not sure if I got a chub because of the naked broad or because of this horizontal shower.  I’m leaning towards horizontal shower since there is nothing, and I MEAN NOTHING, better than laying down in a tub with the shower on when you’re hungover.  This lay down shower with six different shower heads would mean my typical shower would go from about five minutes to about 500 minutes.  You know why?  Because I’d fall asleep every single time.  Varying temperature and intensity means I’d be knocked out about 17 seconds into every shower.  Just no way I’d stand a chance.

P.S. You can totally see a full on boob at the end of the video, right?