The Beard-Off To Raise Money For Cancer Research Is Coming To B’More2Boston

Talk about a teaser, but you have to trust me.  Starting November 15th, myself, some friends and ANY OF YOU THAT WANT IN can be a part of a pretty cool event.  We are going to grow our beards for Cancer.  Three months of no shaving to raise money for a good cause.  Perfect timing if you ask me.  1. It’s winter and beards keep you warm, 2.  The Red Sox just won the World Series on the backs of a bunch of guys who grew amazing beards.  Morale of the story is if you grow a beard you’re going to win.  Win what?  Well that’s up to you, but you’ll be winning, and 3. Raising money for Cancer research is a big deal.  Let’s do some good around the holidays.

Finally, we’ll finish on February 14th just in time to shave off your beards for Valentines Day.  For all you guys with broads, I’m sure they’ll be happy you no longer look homeless.

If you’re interested in participating, shoot me an email at or message me on twitter @ceboscuit.

Once we have all the official details, we’ll announce it here and everywhere.  All of the money raised will go to charity, you can count on that.  We’ll have some fun along the way and document progress here when we can.  Plus, I’ll look like this.


Wolfman like you read about.