UPDATED: Richie Incognito Used Racial Slurs And Threatened Jonathan Martin’s Life

QUICK UPDATE: Incognito is done as a member of the Miami Dolphins.  Phew, that took long.  No need to have dead weight hanging around.

Looks like Richie Incognito is a real piece of shit.

If you don’t know, Jonathan Martin left the Dolphins suddenly last week.  Speculation was that he had flown the coop.  Then word leaked about a potential case of bullying….now this.

Below are tweets from Adam Schefter.  Apparently he got a hold of some voice mails that Incognito left Martin.  Solid work as a veteran teammate there by Incognito.  Good to know that you can learn from the grizzled old veterans.

Richie Incognito

And look, I get it, it’s the NFL, there are some traditions, there some hazing, there’s shit that goes on at the bottom of piles that is unspeakable, but seriously?  I don’t even care if Martin is violating some bro code by outing Incognito.  That guys a douche bag.  He’s been a douche bag since college and he’s never NOT been a douche bag.  Guy should just be kicked out of football for good.  I don’t have time for this clown.

Incognito caught wind and went after Shefty.  Probably made him poop himself a little bit.