Everything You Need To See From Saturday’s Red Sox Championship Parade

I was supposed to go.  I kind of bitched out and now, after seeing the festivities, I’m so mad I did.  However, thanks to the world wide web, I can provide myself and the readers everything from this weekend.  It’s no surprise that New Englanders showed up and owned Boston on Saturday.  It’s also no surprise that David Ortiz owned the parade and Mike Napoli owned the after party.  I’ve said it too many times on this blog, go big or go home and this year the entire Red Sox team went BIG.  Enjoy.

David Ortiz started the day right.  P.S. That’s the real championship belt.  Papi’s got it like that.


Images from the Parade:

More from the Red Sox placing the World Championship trophy on the finish line of the Boston Marathon with that bad ass 617 Boston Strong jersey.  P.S. I want those Jonny Gomes boots yesterday.


I guess Papi’s duckboat was a straight up club through the streets of Boston:

God Bless America…amazing:

Marc Fucarile and Carlos Arrendondo crossing the finish line like they should have in April.  POWERFUL.

Then of course there was Mike Napoli, who won everything on Saturday.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he woke up in Lowell on Sunday wiht a bunch of 20 something chicks in a Red Roof Inn.  Go Big or Go Home.


The Red Sox (unsurprisingly without Mike Napoli) showed up at Gillette Stadium with the trophy.


Oh, and Jake Peavy bought his Duck Boat, so he’s officially amazing!





h/t to Barstool, Masshole, AwesomeBoston, and everyone else who made this possible.  I could have done it but I stayed in Baltimore…blerg.