YOU MAD! Flyers Goalie Ray Emery Sucks In Net So He Starts A Fight With The Opposing Goalie


I got to be honest, what the hell is Ray Emery doing?  Like, what did Braden Holtby do to warrant Emery skating the length of the ice and beating the shit out of him?  OH WAIT, I know, he did his job.  He didn’t let the puck in the net, unlike Emery and his teammates who just sucked last night.  Hey Ray, how about less focus on throwing haymakers and more focus on actually saving pucks from going in the net.

And for Emery to be named one of the three stars after the game shows how ignorant Daily News writer Frank Seravalli is.  A 7-0 loss sure seems like a good time to name the goalie one of the three stars of the game.  Ray Emery’s 5.07 goals against average is pretty solid too.  Looks like the Flyers have a winner on their hands there.