Thoughts On Last Night’s Crazy Ending To Game 3 Of The World Series

Where is Joyce looking?  Not at the play.

Where is Joyce looking? Not at the play.


Disclaimer:  Didn’t watch much of this game either since I was hosting the greatest Halloween party ever.  Fact.

I Missed the ending, saw the replays and here’s my take.  I get the call, I get the rule, I just don’t know that you can make that call at that point in that game in that situation.  Here’s what I know, Middlebrooks was on the ground, Craig, tried to jump over him and fell (didn’t look like he tripped over Middlebrooks, just over his own feet.)  Craig was barely in the base path during this whole thing complicating things even further.

Cardinals fans will stick to the rules being rules, but I don’t know how you can live with yourself if that’s how you won the game.  In fact, I’m not even sure I’m making any sense.  I’m annoyed by the whole thing and don’t know what to say anymore.

s/o to Barstool, Masshole and CJZero for the visuals.