Aaron Hernandez’s Girlfriend Pleads Not Guilty To Perjury Charge

Via NESN:  “The girlfriend of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a perjury charge for allegedly lying to a Massachusetts grand jury, including about disposing of evidence in the murder case against him.   Shayanna Jenkins was released on personal recognizance during her arraignment in Fall River Superior Court on a single perjury count. Prosecutors had sought $5,000 cash bail.   In August, Jenkins lied to the grand jury hearing evidence in the case, including about where she threw out a box Hernandez asked her to “get rid of” in the aftermath of Odin Lloyd‘s killing, Bristol County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Bomberg said”


We haven’t heard much from Aaron Hernandez trial(s) recently, but this can’t be good, right?  Basically, his girlfriend is being accused of lying after apparently lying to the grand jury in August.  Probably not a good look on her part.  Probably not going to help out her boyfriend by lying to the grand jury because she’s probably not that good of a liar.  Probably doesn’t end well for anyone involved in this case the more I think about it.


In other Hernandez killing people news, Prosecutors have asked that the Judge recuse herself.  Why?  Well here’s why: (from NESN) “Prosecutors have asked the judge assigned to the Hernandez case, Susan Garsh, to recuse herself, saying she and the McCauley have a “well-known and publicly documented history of antagonism” stemming from a 2010 murder trial he argued before her.   McCauley won a conviction in that case but was quoted in the press as criticizing Garsh, saying she had unfairly limited or excluded evidence and exhibited antagonism. A hearing on the request is scheduled for Monday.”

Not sure how this will play out bu I guess it’s worth keeping an eye on.  The Hernandez case has quieted on the National news front, but there’s no denying that when the trial eventually starts that all eyes will be on Fall River, Massachusetts (which by the way, is a terrible thing for Massachusetts.)  You almost hope that this thing goes away without a trial, Hernandez goes away to jail, his associates stay in jail and his girlfriend gets slapped across her face for lying.

Just a reminder that there are some seriously terrible people out there.  Happy Hump Day.