10 Years Ago Yesterday The Yankees And Red Sox Faced Off In The ALCS And Things Got Weird


Are Joe Buck and Tim McCarver the worst announcers ever?  Has there ever been an instance where two guys are rooting for one team more while doing a Nationally Televised Playoff game?  I mean McCarver might as well have been wearing Yankees garb that day.  Guy is the ultimate tool bag.  Listening to them last night just reminded me how much I think those guys suck.  The funny thing is, they keep getting rolled out there.  Buck is doing NFL games, McCarver continues to pick sides and Fox can’t find anyone else to do these games?  You gotta be kidding me.

To this day, two things blow me, 1.  Why are they so surprised when Manny becomes irate when Clemens throws up and in.  I’m pretty sure there was purpose and if Manny doesn’t respond on that pitch, the next one is coming in hotter.  McCarver saying “That ball’s not even close,” is a freaking joke.  Ball is up and in and in the same inning Pedro hit Garcia.  Such a clown.  2.  Why are they so upset with the way Pedro responded to Zimmer bull rushing him?  If he doesn’t do that, Zimmer tackles him right?  I mean, Zimmer is attempting to attack Pedro (unless you’re a Yankees fan or delusional like the guys in the booth.)


Either way, watching this got me pumped up.  Watching Pedro stare down Karim Garcia (Who is that guy?) is grade A stuff.  Pedro was the ultimate competitor and such a bad ass.  Pretty good pitcher too.

P.S. We need to win Game 2 tonight.  No questions about it.

s/o to Masshole Sports for pumping me up.