Lane Kiffin Fired As Head Coach Of USC



So, in case you missed it, Lane Kiffin’s USC team got beat again last night, this time by Arizona State.  Apparently Athletic Director Pat Haden met with officials and decided to fire Kiffin some time in the 3rd quarter.  As the bus was about to leave ASU last night, Kiffin was pulled of the bus and told he was out.

How freakin’ bad ass is that?  People have been calling for Kiffin’s head for weeks (at least.)  The guy is the ultimate tool, hasn’t really won anywhere as a head coach and it pretty much seemed like no one at USC could stand him.  Mix in a pretty bad start and this was only a formality.  However, to have it done like this takes a serious set of stones.  Pat Haden, I tip my cap to you on this one.  Just a bad ass move to do it right outside the team bus.

USC football is a mess, isn’t it?  Wasn’t too long ago they were winning championships like you read about.