There’s No Way This #DRINKSONUS Promotion In Jacksonville Is Going To Turn Out Well



Two drinks isn’t enough to get most people drunk but it’s the bigger picture.  Any time you start offering free booze, bad shit happens.  More thank likely, most people going there for the two drinks will have already had plenty of booze before they got into the stadium.  Add a couple of free drinks on top of the tailgating typically leads to the buying of more drinks.  More drinks mean chaos in the stands and we’ve seen what can happen when you do beer specials at a professional sporting event.  If you can, read this article as well.  Nothing good happens with free drinks.

Here’s an image from 10 cent beer night in Cleveland in 1974. This is during the game and Cleveland was forced to forfeit.  In all honesty, it may be a good idea for Jacksonville to forfeit rather than play!