LSU Kick Returner Snags Kickoff With One Hand #BAWSEstatus

So saucy right there.  Like, hey bro, I’m not returning it, just not letting the kicker have the satisfaction of a touchback out of the endzone.  LSU kick returner 1 – Georgia kicker 0.

Georgia got the last laugh with a 44-41 victory so I guess this was all for show.

P.S. Does this BAWSE move get this kid laid?  I know he plays football for LSU and that means he’s running through chicks regardless, but doesn’t this up the ante for when then return to Baton Rouge tonight?  Like, maybe he’s got a chick waiting for him during normal games, but when you do this doesn’t it raise the stakes to a threesome or something along those lines?  Blumpkin, maybe?  I mean, this is so saucy.